HP Solutions Inc., Financial Services in Sudbury Ontario. HP Solutions Inc., Financial Services in Sudbury Ontario HP Solutions Inc., Financial Services in Sudbury Ontario

About HP Solutions Ltd.,
We are invested in your success

It is our mission to help clients uncover potential problems and recommend solutions that solve their unique goals and priorities. We offer services and products to meet all financial needs. We strive to always meet or exceed client expectations. HP Solutions Ltd. will continue its rich tradition of creating wealth and providing peace of mind”.  Robert Hetu - President and Managing Director, HP Solutions Ltd.  


HP Solutions Ltd. is based in Greater Sudbury and provides Cash Flow planning services to clients across Ontario. Our mission is to help people get on the path to achieving their financial and life goals, and full fill their hopes and dreams. Our hands on approach helps us to discover and customize the right solution for each and every client.

Call HP Solutions today and start working towards achieving your financial and life goals. 705-222-2477.

About Robert Hetu

Robert has more than 29 years of experience in providing fully bilingual financial planning solutions to protect clients and their loved ones from unexpected financial adversity and unforeseen changes in their life circumstances.

Helping people be prepared and move forward in life is what Robert is passionate about.

"I have earned a professional reputation for responding to questions quickly and resolving financial issues effectively. My assessments are honest and impartial, and my recommendations are always tailored to your specific needs." - Robert Hetu, President HP Solutions Ltd.



“I am impressed with your knowledge and sincerity in the financial industry. My wife and I feel very comfortable with your advice and guidance on financial matters”

B.M. Sudbury, Ontario